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Seattle Rain Garden Co. is a landscape design, construction & consulting firm specializing in green stormwater solutions for residential applications.

The environmental conditions of the Puget Sound & its surrounding watersheds are in decline, threatening an already fragile balance that allows us to live in one of most beautiful and biologically diverse regions of the country.

It has become increasingly clear that stormwater runoff is the primary driver of this decline. Rain falling on our roofs, driveways, and streets pick up pollutants and carries them into our sewer systems. These systems, unable to handle the ever increasing volume, overflow directly into Puget Sound and Lake Washington. There are over 6,000 of these outfalls into the Sound, and they are without question its single largest source of toxic pollutants. Every year over 57,000 tons of oil is washed by the rain off our urbanized landscapes and into the Sound.

In recent years a new scientific strategy has emerged to deal with this threat - low impact development (LID). LID is a land use development strategy that uses small scale, on-site stormwater controls in the landscape to reduce the volume and harmfulness of stormwater, and more closely resemble the natural hydrologic processes of our region. Examples include: Rain Gardens, permeable pavements, cisterns & green roofs.

Under national direction from the Environmental Protection Agency, State & local governments in our region are moving aggressively to put LID stormwater solutions into place. Local governments across the region are encouraging homeowners to get involved and install rain gardens and cisterns. Urban planners are busy building & designing major retrofits to city streets.  The City of Seattle has changed its building code to require the use of green stormwater infastructure in all new construction.  By 2012 almost every municipality and local jurisdiction in western Washington will have adopted similar code requirements. 

Our vision is to work with homeowners, developers and landscape architects to bring these solutions into the residential landscape in an affordable, knowledgeable & sustainable manner. 
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